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Stalking wild ibex and JJ Rousseau in the land of absinthe

May 28, 2013

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On a holiday Monday last week Kathryn and I drove into the Jura mountains near Neuchatel, about an hour away, to do some hiking. Our plan was to check out a rock feature called the Creux du Van, a giant horseshoe-shaped cliff-face or cirque that the Swiss sometimes compare to the Grand Canyon. The Creux […]

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Dent de Jaman (6151ft) – an easy scramble

September 8, 2012


This week marked my first venture into the mountains above Montreux to do some hiking and scrambling. I have a climbing trip planned for next week with some potential to climb at altitude (up to 12-15,000ft or over 4000m), so I was looking to spend some time hiking and scrambling at elevation. The peaks around […]

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