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Taking a beating on Mt Ventoux (in the land of the Marquis de Sade)

October 15, 2014


I’ve had some incredible cycling experiences since moving to Switzerland two years ago, few of which I’ve shared on this blog. The truth is, given the choice between cycling in the Alps or blogging about it, I choose the former almost every time, so I seldom take the time to sit down in front of […]

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Road-trippin’ on the Mediterranean: St Tropez, Nice, Lucca, Positano, Florence

October 10, 2014

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Last April we did a 10-day road trip along the Mediterranean Sea, with multiple stops in France and Italy, as part of the kids’ annual 2-week spring break. With planned drives of up to 7 hours, cooped up in the car with two teenagers (and worse, two parents!), not to mention a puppy, we weren’t […]

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Now we are five! Introducing “Coelle”

October 1, 2014


By far the most exciting development in our household since moving to Switzerland hasn’t been all the travel opportunities or easy access to chocolate but, rather, the addition of a fifth member to the family – tiny and adorable “Coelle” – our (relatively) new dog, who joined us last February. Back in Toronto in 2012, […]

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