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Racing the Worldloppet circuit in Europe: the Dolomitenlauf, the Transjurassienne, and the Engadin Ski Marathon

August 21, 2014


This is a post for my xc ski buddies (who are no doubt thinking about xc skiing – in August). As a competitive xc skier I have long fantasized about participating in one of the big Worldloppet series xc ski races in Europe, ever since setting eyes on photos of thousands of skiers snaking across […]

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Just Desserts: Christmas-time in Vienna

August 16, 2014

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Ok, so some kind of blog update is WAAAAAY overdue. So much has been happening over the last few months, I’ve barely had time to sit down at the computer before we’re up to some new adventure. I will try to catch up by the end of summer, beginning with today’s post about a family […]

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