Cycling in the Lavaux wine region

August 30, 2012

Around Lausanne, Cycling, Sports

One of the things that I was most looking forward to in moving to Switzerland was the availability of world class road cycling routes, particularly in the Alps and the area surrounding Lake Geneva. In my previous visits I was particularly excited by the prospect of cycling through the vineyards of the Lavaux wine region, which hug the steep slopes of the hills lying between Lausanne and Vevey. The vineyards are crisscrossed with roads and cycling/walking paths and one can zigzag up to 1000ft above the lake through the terraced vineyards of the Lavaux. Thanks to the many switchbacks the gradients aren’t too steep and I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to get up high quite quickly.

The video below shows a few highlights from one of my favourite routes from the town of Vevey up to the pretty Lavaux village of Chexbres. The climb to Chexbres goes up about 600ft and takes 10-12mins, but it’s the descent back down that is the really fun part. From the top of the village one plunges back to the bottom of the climb in a little over 4 minutes, without peddling once! Coming from the flatlands of Toronto, this is a new and thrilling experience for me.

Hope you enjoy the video (you can also mute the sound if the Deadmau5 soundtrack doesn’t appeal)

There is also a longer edit of the video HERE, which includes video of the descent down the other side of Chexbres to the village of Cully.


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